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There are so many ways Siri can make your life easier. But if you don't know the proper commands, you might get a lot of unwanted sass. Here's a growing list of tips and tricks that Siri a better personal assistant.

Correct Her Mistakes

How to correct siri
"Tap to edit" to make a correction

Siri doesn't always get it. Sometimes it's ambient noise, and other times, it's a mystery. To correct her, swipe down to reveal your initial command, and use the "Tap to edit" option to make a correction. When you're done, Siri will come up with a new answer, and she'll better understand you in the future.

Stop Speaking Like A Robot

How to Siri to understand what you say
Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

Even though Siri isn't quite as human as the personal assistant from the movie "Her," she's capable of understanding very human speak.

The next time you say a command, don't worry so much about it sounding perfect or being exact -- Siri will figure it out.

Don't Sacrifice Grammar For Siri

how to siri to understand
This is amazing exclamation point

You'll sound a little silly, but using punctuation (and smileys) is as easy as saying the punctuation. For example, "Hey comma how are you question mark smiley face" will turn into "Hey, how are you? :-)"

Teach Siri Correct Pronunciations

how to siri pronunciation
/həˈlō/ /iz/ /it/ /mē/ /yo͝or,yôr/ /lo͝ok-eng/ /fȯr/

If Siri mispronunces your name -- or anyone else's -- there's an easy way to correct that.

At any point just say, "That's not how you pronounce [name]" and Siri will take you through a process of correcting it.

Make Siri Listen

how to siri not interrupt
Hold to complete a thought!

Siri can be quick to interrupt, especially if you're in the middle of a thought.

To prevent her from cutting you off, continue holding down the mic button (or home button) until you complete your command.