Device Condition Description

Like New

Custom Box and Chargers

Nearly flawless  

May have very minor blemishes

100% Functional


Custom Box and Chargers

Small, obvious blemishes 

Minor scuffs, scratches, dings typically on case and frame

100% Functional


Very obvious blemishes 

Multiple deep scratches, dents, small chips

100% Functional *Limited Warranty

How It's Done

Utilizing a 35 point inspection, we guarantee your phone is

100% functional and ready to be activated!


First, each device is cleaned and sanitized. Free of pre-owned bacteria and germs!


Two separate technicians will perform a 35-point inspection to make sure your device is 100% functional. 


The device will be restored to the factory settings and ready to activate with your SIM.


Free shipping to your address packaged in our custom

Adopt-A-Phone box!